CharNor is focused on providing the best service in the industry. We believe the best way to service the customer is to have the shortest delivery timeand provide you with after sales service from trained professionals.

Strategic Stocking 

  • In order to have the shortest delivery for engines we have developed strategic stocking
  • We are now only producing high demand engines that cover 90% of the market demand. 
  • Our goal is to have these engines on the shelf whenever you require them. By eliminating randomness in our product offering we can provide greater product availability and the highest quality levels.
  • By focusing on fewer products we can provide you with greater availability and shorter lead times.  Although we may not provide every engine you may ever desire, our goal is to provide you with high demand product that is quality built and always available.

Dedicated Sales Representatives

  • CharNor assigns our sales team by region so you will develop a relationship with your sales representative.​

Quick Quote Time

  • Our sales and research teams work hard to make sure that we can identify what you are looking for and get the quote to you as fast as possible.

No Hassle replacement product

  • If you have a problem with our product we will get a replacement to you fast

After Sales Service​​

  • CharNor prides itself on its after sales service.  Whenever a customer calls in with a question we respond to any inquiry immediately.  We understand that you have a customer who is waiting for an answer. 
  • Your sales person is your first line of contact. If there is a need for one of our technicians, quality personnel or managers to assist they are always available to help. ​​